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Welcome to Terra Joy Photography ©! This website showcases some of the best of my work across the spectrum. I am a portrait, event and travel photographer with years of experience, and I am always looking to diversify my work.

*Note: This website is under construction and has much more to come at a later date.

I have always been an artist of some sort. In high school, all my passion for painting shifted to photography. I took multiple courses where I learned film, digital and alternative processes, got to collaborate on a variety of projects, create different themes in my work, learn from professional photographers, and even go on photography expeditions to Los Angeles, CA and San Miguel, Mexico as part of a grant.

Needless to say, I am hooked. My soul goes nuts for this stuff. It is my aim to inspire reflection, conversation and emotion through my work.  I see art’s role as this: to open your mind, and to make you feel.  It can be raw, beautiful, political, or all three.

I have had my work showcased in a gallery and published in two different collaborative magazines. I have won a regional student photography award, and crafted an Advanced Placement Photography (2D Art) portfolio.  I also worked for several years at a studio specializing in student and family portraits and event photography.

I then became the Photo Editor and On-Staff Photographer of my college’s newspaper as a freshman.  My photographs were also featured in multiple campus photography shows, and have been showcased on the college’s website and in the college library.

Currently I volunteer my services at a variety of events and continue to do portraits.

Thank you for showing an interest in my work!

~ Terra Joy A

Photographer, Terra Joy Photography ©


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